5 tips to improve your PPC results on Google

Since increasing the costs of PPC campaigns are marketing on the Internet is still positive pressure results. The search advertising depends on the following factors:

– Print
– Ad position
– Click Through Rate (CTR)
– Conversion rates

The right balance between speed ad position, print, then click the starting point for the success of PPC advertising. Before tips to achieve better help his campaign, he added quickly, as the concept of Google ads in the sponsored results:

* The daily budget of the frequency of the ads

The frequency is expressed by the number of impressions expressed. If your daily budget is too low, your ad all the time (which means you do not have enough impressions per day).

* Ad position depends on the number of classification

The higher the rating, the higher your position on the page. The index is calculated using the following formula:

Range = Number of CPC (Cost per Click) x CTR (clickthrough rate) x (quality)

Now we are ready to explore what practices contribute most to improving the performance of PPC campaigns are:

1 / Improve Ad

If your ad does not appear each time studied made in your keyword, it may be a sign that your daily budget is not enough. As we now know how often they display advertising is controlled by the daily budget. If you will your ad appear more often, not to increase your daily budget to get maximum exposure for your ad.

Usually, you have a margin of 50% of the daily budget. For example, if the daily budget to $ 10.00 per day, your daily budget to set Google Real $ 15.00 per day because their rate of actual expenditure is based on clicks, set higher daily budget, your ad to the most exposed but the actual expenditure may still daily in your budget range goal.

However, remember to check the cost of advertising per day, and if too high, the budget decrease in safety.

2 / To improve the delivery of ads by keywords

Each campaign may include one or more ad groups. An ad is a set of keywords and ads when those keywords are searched on Google displayed. You can create a situation where only certain keywords have experienced in the ad group for your ad. The explanation is again behind the daily budget that a number of impressions for your campaign controls. These copies are to ad groups, and much more distributed between different keywords. Therefore, it can happen that certain keywords in an ad group contain more impressions than others, that is, certain keywords, your ad more frequently than others.

If you want to improve the delivery of ads on specific keywords, you can split the keywords and keyword generation to consider a new campaign with small prints. This should be the frequency with which they trigger your ad.

3 / Optimize your ad groups

As mentioned above, each campaign has one or more impressions ad groups by the campaign. Often, the impressions are not distributed evenly between ad groups. It is, therefore, possible that some groups have more impressions of your ad (s) more often than others. It is a very similar scenario as with the keywords above.

To improve the performance of your ad groups, poor performance, you should consider creating a new campaign for them to increase the frequency of the switch to see your ad on Google.

4 / Analysis of clicks

made sure that the clicks on certain keywords, aligned. They are always lots of clicks from non-specific keywords, if necessary, reduce your maximum CPC and / or position of the display to improve their returns. Similarly, the prices for certain keywords that work well.

5 / Optimise your ad

Make sure you bid on certain keywords, writing compelling ads and links to relevant content on your site. The keywords you select a market segment and the desired goal. If this is not an option, the market will end badly led and spend your advertising budget. Creating the announcement in order to gain the attention of potential customers. It is necessary to communicate their unique selling point – in other words, what your product or service different and why does a visitor visit your site. Be specific about your offer, including the call to action. Finally, online visitors for the content of your website where you can get more information about the offer. The landing page should also abundantly clear is what to do the next logical step – buy your product, download the white paper, sign up for a free trial, etc.

PPC management requires a lot of work and testing, but if you stick to the basics you can make money instead of making them lose. Remember, the only measure that matters on the Internet the profit you make.


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