Adsense optimization is the best Click Through Rate

Adsense optimization is the best Click Through Rate-google adsense-engsbook

There are 2 aspects to Adsense optimization pay, the first is about how the Ads and the second is that where they are. Google is not shy about offering advice to those criteria, and they are also willing to test the effectiveness ad format, by the Adsense channels feature, which can It is used to keep track of the various parameters, and place the fact that the performance best.

So what do you actually tell Google to optimize your AdSense ads:

* The background color of the ad the same color of the background color of the hosting site for the position you put into * the color of your text ads corresponding to the text color and style of the text on your site that links to the * same link style ad links to your site, ie link, visited, hover, and active as possible, the same * It’s better if you do not use the border to the ads, but if so, choose color match colors * The larger site ads work best and are best select size

This clearly indicates that the general idea is that Google Adsense ads blend into the style and color of your website the best results. This kind of suggests that there is a natural clicking on something that is clearly advertising.
Thus, by making the ad blend into the page so that it appears as just another familiar source of information includes the content of this site may be more likely to gain a click through the ad itself. This ultimately is the essence of the problem from the perspective of the publisher.

As for the placement of the advertisement:

* The ads above the fold * be in the best position to place your ad on the primary content of the page, after which the * upper left corner, or the nav bar (the horizontal nav bar) *, and immediately after the content above the footer bar * You can place ads in the content, usually in the LH site works best

These placement options, but this does not mean that you should try and use them. There are rules that prevent too many have already placed adds.

Different types of ads, which can be used together, and sometimes combining different Adsense ads to give maximum exposure. But I do not have to think about what will decide on visits to, and sometimes less is more.

Stop and think about your visitors, why are your site and where to focus your attention. Try and compliment the ads to your site, and add to the visitor experience, and not in the way and mess up the page.

The best way to end the conclusion that what works best for you to experiment with ads in terms of color, size and position of what is very suitable for visitors.Do no fear if a change you can find, click the time that the rate again to lose, what is good in the period after the change affecting earnings from Google Ad

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