Affiliate marketing in todays world

What is affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing is an Internet-based marketing practice, where companies (or sponsors) reward the online affiliates for each customer gained, in result of the affiliates advertising, marketing their product. So, basically by directing traffic/customers, to another site you can make money.

Being an affiliate, how it works?

When being an affiliate, you first have to find an appropriate online business to promote. By promote I mean direct traffic, or customers to. The business in return pays you for each customer you bring. Usually it is a percentage, or a flat sum of money per the customers’ spendings, or purchases. For example, if you affiliate with, they pay you a percentage of any sales made by the customers you send. there are many affiliate programs on the net, but there are three most commonly used categories:
Pay Per Performance  (PPP)
Residual Income Affiliate Marketing Programs (RevShare)

Alot of affiliate programs also have the option to use multiple options (you can decide wich type of affiliation you will use). If you already have a website,then you could just find a good afiliate program, related to your site and start making money. If not, you could start by putting up your own webpage, or use one of the hundreds of free blogging sites, like blogger, or wordpress.

How much does it pay?

Being an affiliate and making it earn you money is all about quality traffic. Like in real world marketing, you have to offer people goods that they come to find in your store. Just think if a music store would start selling fire alarms, do you think they would sell any? Well maybe, but if they do, then only by dumb luck. People come to find music related products from a music store and they won’t be interested in fire alarms. You have to apply the same principle in affiliate marketing. If you have a blog, lets say about new CD’s and albumreleases, you don’t want to promote a car dealership. You will want to find a music related business online, who has an affiliate program and advertise their products on your music site. So to awnser the question, how much does it pay, we have to consider:
How much effort are you putting into your site
How much visitors does your site have
How much your sponsor pays
How related is your site with the advertisers product(s)
The sums you can earn are unlimited, but keep in mind, you can not bullshit the people coming to your site. All in all it is not very hard to make a deacent amount of money and it is very much a reality to make a monthly income from affiliate marketing.

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