Are Facebook, twitter and Google+ or Social Media good for SEO ?

Are Facebook, twitter and Google+ or Social Media good for SEO-engs book

Google has been cleared this thing before that social visibility of website is really beneficial for your website ranking (SERP) in search engines and as far as is concerned for Twitter or Facebook, then you’re talking about millions of targeted users so it’s clear that you have too much to gain from social media instead of loss. Many people use to spend their time mostly on social media sites so the principle meaning is that, the visitor who came through social media would be more active and along with, website will be more accessible to more people.
One thing is important to understand that social media is huge concept in itself and it’s not right to weigh the social media sites in terms of ranking only because websites’ like Facebook, Twitter are very useful to supercharge your targeted traffic and I don’t think that you aren’t aware about the importance of targeted audience. Your business, leads and conversion rate are totally dependent on targeted traffic so it’s necessary to adopt the power of social media in your marketing strategy of website. Social media and seo strategy both are essential so you must give equal attention on them.
Today, the way to marketing is becoming isolated by the formermethods of internet marketing strategy. There are excessive advantages in joining because density of users is been increasing gradually on the social media sites’ like Twitter, Facebook, Linked or Google+ and much more and possibly it could become your second biggest traffic source after the search engines in the future.

Benefits of social media
Some of these social media facts are truly beneficial for us:
Targeting is becoming easy: As you all know, such sites do fetch all your location data at the time of account opening then after, all data is used for advertisers. People can choose any location to target whether from a country to city into their targeted audience setting, isn’t it easy. It’s not that you cannot do the same with search engines but as much as you can do with social media, isn’t possible with other methods.
Demographically best: let’s suppose you have a website and for which, you need a particular age group to focus so at this stage, social media sites have proved to be the most effective because of their large database they can categorize any age group easily and that will be very beneficial for you, if you’re looking to promote some of these websites.
Reach of millions: Some social media websites are higher in the number of users than some countries and it reflects the fact that how important it can be for any business to reach such massive visitors volume. So if you’ll not get the much benefit in the search rankings then still you will be in profit because of such awesome reach.
Better awareness about website: When you explain about your business or websites in front of millions of people then obviously a lot of people will know your website’s presence.

Most people are always asking questions like:
 is social media good or bad
 is social media good for seo
 will social media marketing work
 links from social media boosts ranking or not
Look, it always keeps you in advantage situation and there is no harm in adoption of social marketing strategy. Well Google rankings based on nearly 200 social signals so according to this Facebook, Twitter, Google+ Plus and LinkedIn signals are weak so the clear statement is that you should be present at almost all the famous social networking sites.
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