How Travel Portal API is Streamlining Data of Global Travel Content

If you have a better and in-depth knowledge about the travel industry and travel technology, perhaps the conception of API is not new to you. API or Application Program Interface is a set of web-network, which enables the user to aggregate the travel resources from different suppliers, so they can further distribute the aggregated services among the end-customers. The best function of API is it provides or you can say streamline the aggregated services in a way, so that the users can get real-time information on the availability, seat-layout, time and date of departure and arrival, price of services and other facilities etc. The entire process of getting real-time information of thousands of flights from all over the world can be possible through API for travel portal.

If you look at the market, travel agencies or travel companies are dominating the business and even both travelers and travel service providers like airlines, hoteliers, bus operators, car rental companies are relying more and more on such online travel agencies either to book a travel content or to sell their services through indirect channels.

Millennial travelers prefer booking from a site that has the ability to connect them with multifarious options on global travel content. Travel agencies and airline industry are earning profits and increasing their sales margin with the help of such APIs.When you book a flight from an online portal, what is the first thing you search? Undoubtedly the availability and then price, later you compare the price, flexibility of time and date, discounts and other amenities among several flights and then confirm the booking of your preferred choice and it would be a difficult task if you lack perfect inventory for your portal.

Looking at the growing demands and the latest trends, giant companies have already implemented latest technology tools and it is high time that the other travel companies too should integrated API into their online channels. Such tools or features not only make the entire travel booking process convenient and comfortable for the users, but it also concentrate on the delivery of live streaming of data to various travel products. API or application programming interface allows for connecting data streams and functionalities between different travel related products. It works as a control panel for developers to link different software components.

Features of travel API XML integration are as follows:

  • Flexible integration of various search related to travel
  • Online portal to manage your revenue and commissions
  • Updates latest status whatever happens
  • Supports network, manage account
  • You can add markup for your agents or customers
  • Reduce cost of travel agencies on a longer term
  • Provide highly advanced data from the XML pages
  • A team to provide resource needed to integrate new features to cope up with market trend

API is the main data source for OTAs, which collects travel data from a wide array of travel service providers and allows the agent to reserve the required services from a web-based network.

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