Is backlink necessary and best ways to attract them naturally?

Is backlink necessary and best ways to attract them

Look, in this article, I will make you aware of the most efficient and effective measures to attract white hat backlinks, which I have learned with such a long experience in the field of internet marketing. If we look at the past we found that an exact plan wasn’t needed to get a backlink and despite the unnatural style of working we were able to get solid ranking but now everything has changed over time and after the Google’s algorithm updates modus operandi have totally changed.

Little about backlink
Backlink works as a supplement for the website and obtaining a good rank in the absence of backlink appears to be very difficult. Backlinks can be achieved in many ways but it depends on the strategy of each one because everyone has a different policy but basically, all webmasters have the same desire and that is to get high-quality backlinks which work as crutches for our website search ranking.

Impact on search rank
All types of backlink cannot be helpful because some are damning also and by using the previous methodology, we can’t earn mind according to ranking. Therefore, we first need an accurate and adequate planning which will help to overcome our fleet.

Nowadays, content is the only most effective marketing strategy for our website rankings so then as good as the content, as good ranking will be but still, the power of backlinks is undeniable. Since so many people and SEO’s are still employed for it, then we should also pay attention on it along with the quality content subsequently, our strategy perfectly may prove effective.

One live example
Maybe some of you have ever seen that some websites have the lack of content and yet they kept to wrest the first place on Google. For instance;

If you search this query “find people” on Google, then you’ll get “” this website on top. The truth behind the query is “The keyword has indiscriminate searches per month and approximately 3,350,000/mo search volume according to”.

And info about is, little or no content is present on this page and only a search bar and some navigation links on the footer. Yet so awesome rank on such high competitive keyword how it could be possible because as much as we know, Google only provides it’s blessing to the full of a good content web page, then differentiation with this page why?

Hmm, first no differentiations by Google rather the simple answers for this dilemma is “High Number of Backlinks” yes that’s true secret behind the power is “Backlink” take a look at this total backlink data of this web page (According to;

ah refs-report-backlink

Total no of backlink = 2,726,227

Dofollow = 1,899,862

Nofollow = 145,616

(Report generated on March 3, 2015, by ah refs)

And all this together, work as a supporting pillar in the ranking of the and there are a lot of such similar websites that achieve traffic through the same pattern.

Ways to get backlink
Write great content: According to Google, backlinks which earned through natural way are the most beneficial to increase SERP, but we have to work hard to create such situation where people can start to link our website from theirs. Content marketing is the first initiative towards the process of natural link building because everyone likes to refer good articles to their visitors and besides that you’re receiving a natural backlink, which is a success ladder for your website’s promotion. But after all, to let this happen, you may have to wait longer and for another way, go and down below points. One important tip is;

Never count the words when writing but when you started to think that you’re done and not able to write a single word more then you should immediately stop for some time because the quality content does not require any unnecessary word.

Check this article How to write better blog post
Be active on forums: A lot of people are now beginning to think that it’s no longer a useful functioning of SEO, but if you read about Google’s updates carefully then your fear will go away because Google has made sure that if we work on related niche sites thereafter, no need to worry about being penalize.

You need to pay attention at the time of replying on discussions as without reading the whole thread you cannot respond clearly and Google now keeping a close watch on all of these issues so don’t let the quality fallen in your work, otherwise, it will be worse for your website’s future. Please follow these important points;

Do not abuse your signature with rich anchor text only and isn’t a good thing to do.
Only do reply on related threads where your signature will be friendly.
Don’t try to get a backlink from the forum which isn’t following your related niche.
Testimonial really works: You must feel strange about it but it is extremely beneficial in creating impressive backlink profile. If you have purchased any kind of service or product then for what you’re waiting, just go immediately and shoot a testimonial right now because everyone is happy to hear their magnification so as a result you’ll get a backlink. Follow these tips;

The website’s authority must be good as because of the low quality you will not into the benefit.
The testimonial must be admirable rather than fake then they’ll approve it.
Blog aggregators for bloggers: A killer way to get a top notch backlink for your blog, if you got involved by some top aggregators like in Alltop then it’ll benefit you a lot. Check some tips;

Most aggregators do examine all the submitted blogs manually before they go live so do not leave any margin of error.
Do check your related category closely; otherwise, your chances to be rejected will increase.
Aggregator includes only people or bloggers who regularly update their blog that’s why first you need to update your blog on a regular basis.
Use feedback strategy: If any of us would get benefit by assisting others so what could be better than it. Your website can easily earn backlink without any hard effort from these types of sites; here everyone can review each other’s website whether it be by design or by writing or something about which you can alert them. Most websites are Dofollow so just imagine how good they can be for your marketing strategy. Some info;

Spamming is a very bad thing and nobody wants to bear it so you must only offer genuine review about their website.
Top websites are:
HARO (Help a Reporter Out): I am a huge fan of HARO because sometimes we can earn links from top authority sites through HARO. But all the work should’ve to be done effortlessly as the early work is always of the devil. In this website, people want to get some information on your profession in the form of an article and if the reporter admires your thought then they will surely provide you a link back from some news site or from another place wherever he will share your article. Important notes;

“” sends daily 3 alerts on your email.
Always write your article in a sensible manner as your article can be put into the top media web websites.
Infographics are must: We should always follow the path where the world is moving because by doing so our difficulties can be easier. Nowadays the world is in favor of Infographics strategy and hype through Infographics has been increased. If you do prepare an Infographic that can tempt the people’s heart then the webmasters would like to share it with lots of love, isn’t a fun way to get backlinks? Keep remember these things;

For the convenience of people do provide the embed code of your infographic, so they can easily share.
Top websites are to submit:,, or
Ask them to link: You may continue to research similar niche’s website and whenever you get an article with which you can link any of your web pages then let the author know about your article via email or with any available option and if the author finds it worthy then there is 75% possibility that he will obey your request.

A single thing that can make a big difference is “way of asking” like beggars can’t achieve anything so instead of begging to tell them the importance of your content.
Take your time to prepare a beautiful email script.
Just don’t stuck on a single website rather follow the same strategy for the other similar websites.

There’s no end to possibilities as based on your experience, you can work on new ways but you just need to work on related websites because Google wants us to do the same and we haven’t such status to take hostility with Google.

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