My visit to a place of historical interest and Television.

My visit to a place of historical interest

The man is curious to see the unseen, to know the unknown and to explore the unexplored. So as a human being, I also have keen interest to see and know the historical places.
During the last winter vacation, I got an ample chance to make a visit to Bagerhat, a well-known historical place. Bagerhat is mainly famous for the Mazar of Khan Jahan Ali. Khan Jahan Ali was a great Muslim saint. The Mazar of Khan Jahan Ali is a fine one-storeyed building. It has a beautiful dome. Hazrat Khan Jahan Ali was buried there.
The tomb is made of stones. On the tomb, there are writings in Arabic that died on 25 October/ 1459. There is a beautiful mosque near the Mazer. A big fire took place beside the Mazer during my staying. Many people from different parts of the country came visit the fair. There is a big tank in front of the Mazer. There are some crocodiles in the tank. They come near when fakirs call and give them something to eat
I also visited the Shatgambuj mosque. It is a very large and beautiful building. The tourists and visitors are greatly impressed by this great mosque. Near the mosque, there is a big fight. This is called the ‘Ghora Dighi’ after the name of the horse. There is a saying that before digging the Dighi, a horse was made to run a certain distance and distance was accepted as the length of the light. I visited the Dighi and the nearby areas. I also come to know a lot about the social works of khan Jahan Ali.
Bagerhat is really a historical place. I spent only a few hours there and enjoyed many historical and attractive things. I am really fortunate to visit such a place. The memory of Bagerhat will remain evergreen in my mind.


The history of human civilization tells the advancement and achievement of science. Modern science has presented us wonderful and interesting things Television is on of them. It can give both knowledge and pleasure. Nowadays it is a popular medium of mass communication.
The word ‘Television’ comes from the Latin word ‘tele’ and ‘vision’. The term ‘tele’ means distance and ‘vision’ means sight. In a word, television means a sight from the distance. It is somewhat different from a radio. From a radio, we only get the voice of the speaker. On the other hand, we get both the voice and the picture of the speaker from a television. Television is very necessary to modern culture and civilization. We can get various news throughout the word sitting at home. It is a great source of recreation. We enjoy drama, dance and songs in it. Now a day we go to the stadium to enjoy a game like football, cricket, tennis etc. we can enjoy a live telecast of them. It also plays an important role in education. It is being used to teach the student and illiterate people. It also arranges special programmes for children, women, workers and soldiers. Political leaders can also form public opinion through it. It is the best medium of being familiar with customs and traditions, fashions and culture of the people of different part of the world. So it has a great appeal to the people of all classes. Television is not only useful to us. It has some abuses too. Sometimes young boys and girls concentrate their attention so much on it that they forget everything. They forget about their studies which are the main duty of the students. Really, the television is the charm of the age. It has brought a remarkable change in human life. If is now a part and parcel of everyday life. In a developing country like ours, the importance of television cannot be ignored. So government should try to make it available among all sections of people.

thanks for all.

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