Social Warfare Pro Coupon Code – Discount On all Plans!

Social Warfare Pro Coupon Code – Discount On all Plans!

Social Warfare Pro Coupon Code – Discount On all Plans! As you know, bloggers struggle to drive huge traffic to their website. The more bloggers get traffic the more they earn. Social warfare is a social sharing plugin for WordPress. There are many amazing features of social warfare which assists you to get social traffic.

Features of social warfare pro:

Here are some amazing functionalities of social warfare pro;
Additional Sharing Options
In additional sharing options, you are able to customize your button according to your choice. You can add several social media buttons including; Reddit, Tumblr, Yummly, WhatsApp, Pocket, Buffer, Hacker News, Flipboard, and Email.

You can check twitter tweet counts, and you can track your tweets with real-time insights.

Pin All the Images
The image can be shared as Pinterest. It helps to make the pin on the corner of the image, and it can be shareable with the help of social warfare pro plugin. It makes the images of your blog more attractive. It helps visitors to share images with ease.

Here are some tools through which you can customize your sharing option;
Custom Design and Placement
You can customize your sharing buttons as per your theme color. You can make variations in placement; you can change the location of the buttons. If you are using crazy egg, then you can find the places of the website where visitor usually stops and clicks so that you can place your buttons there to get the more better result.

Well, designs are infinite, and there are 6-8 different buttons you can choose according to your desire.

If you are willing to customize the style of the tweet as per your choice, then you can make variations via CSS. There are almost six styles comes with a default social warfare pro plugin.

Minimum Social Proof
You can add the widget to your website anywhere to show the social share proof. Your visitors can see the number of shares for each post. It enhances your social presence and makes you more pro.

It helps to attract your visitor, and through this feature, they get to know about the reputation of your blog.

Share Recovery: 

In case if you lost the share counts, then you can quickly recover your social shares with the help of social warfare pro WordPress plugin. Social share counts are used to showing off the reputation of the website. If you have huge social share counts and accidentally you lose the data, then you don’t need to be worried because social warfare pro WordPress plugin stores the social counts of all posts and In case of data loss you can recover all the social counts easily.

Link Shortening, Analytics Campaign Tracking, and Button Click Tracking
Do you know that social media platforms are getting strict day by day so it isn’t allowed to share posts in bulk so social warfare takes care of it, for safe activity It shortens your post links automatically, and your website post will not be posted in fully naked form.

You can analysis your campaigns, and you can easily track your posts. If someone clicks to share your post, It will be tracked, and you can observe the insights. You can see from where the visitor clicks to share your post or from which platform or operating system you are getting huge clicks.

Additional Features:

  • Attractive share buttons
  • For every size screen
  • Easy to use
  • Fast loading time
  • Social proof
  • Share control 
  • Support team
  • Advanced social sharing

Pricing Plans of Social Warfare Pro Plugin:

The features of social warfare pro plugin are the same for all plans, but the price is variant from limitations. Before purchasing any social warfare plugin from their official website I recommend you to use bloggingscout social warfare coupon, you will get a huge discount on the pricing of social warfare tools;

License Options
 If you are a beginner and you have an only single domain, and you don’t want to run more than a single site then you can buy one site plan for $29 for one year.
The second plan of social warfare pro plugin is for up to 5 sites for $89. If you have five domains and you want to target them for traffic, then you can buy this plan, and the plan will be subscribed on a yearly basis.

 I think this plan is good for large scale of websites and usually, it isn’t possible that a person is running up to 10 sites, but if you have then, you buy this plan for $139 for one year.
Now run unlimited sites for $349 for one year without any limitation or restrictions.

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