Top five seo mistakes we are repeating

Top five mistakes we are repeating in SEO

We all are now trying to accept SEO in a hard way and consequently, our goal is become harder, look it’s harmful to us in many things like we can’t keep the eye on the work strategy because of the-the fear of being penalized by Google.

Before any work, we always try to convince our mind as it’s distracted because of fear. You must emerge from this horror of SEO; yes, I agree that it has been difficult than before but this does not mean that now it’s impossible to work rather the real work began now before we used to just spamming regardless of the content or backlinks. You just need to accept it as normal as it is not a demon so can’t swallow you.

If you are making some mistakes then it is your responsibility to treat them and you can correct mistakes only when you would have knowledge about them. Read about the some common and big SEO mistakes which we are doing right now and, therefore, it’s important that you read this article thoroughly.

Expectation of result

That is our biggest mistake because without any good effort we just soon start to the wishes of the good results. You will have to keep the patience as only the patience can give you the strength to walk on the right path otherwise, it won’t take too much time to let you wander.

According to Google, any website needs time to perform well in search rank and our ranking is determined on the basis of relevance and the quality of the work. So do just concentrate only on good and effective work and leave your worry about the results on time.

Keep in mind

For the sake of fast possible outcome don’t be greedy and we mustn’t rely on any of waste SEO techniques.
Work slowly; sometimes the high volume of work may take the form of trouble because Google considers as unnatural.

Poor research

Most people fail to succeed because their research was not much effective as it was supposed to be. Good research is an important element which gives guidance to our website and on its own we can touch the ladder of success if we do it cleverly.

There are many aspects involved in research on which we have to keep a sharp eye and would be wrong if there is any issue incomplete. Prior to the beginning of the work, create a better research plan; which will provide long lasting strengthen to your website.

Must be noted

The first priority must be given to keyword research.

Be sure to proofread your work strategy plan after preparing.
Links from unrelated websites
Backlinks which has received from the unrelated website may create trouble ahead but still we are earning backlinks by bizarre website look, we have to understand that if webmasters want to earn their livelihood through the website then we must avoid such mistakes.

We should try to resolve it instead of being feared, it’s not that we cannot work at all on unrelated websites rather WE CAN but when than a number of unrelated backlinks are more than related then tocsin starting to ring.

Always remember

Some unrelated websites aren’t enough to penalize us, so not much to fear.
Good authority site backlink is very beneficial whether website related or not(But only in a small amount).

No use of analytics and Google webmaster tool
Approximately 30 out of 100 webmasters, aren’t using any analytical program into their website so as a result they are unable to understand the inner state of the website. There are many accomplishments of analytic and all are good for you.

Through it, you can focus on the every type of activities of the website and it tells you the result of your hard work. Through analytic and Google’s webmaster detailing of popular keyword and pages are now much simpler to find.

Important things

First you must submit your website to Google Webmaster so you can have total control over your website setting in a search engine.

Monitor your website’s bounce rate by analytics whenever you get time so you can improve if the result isn’t good.

Waste keywords

Perhaps you do not know that you’re using some keywords which are only like a burden on the website, so rather than relying on waste keywords start to accompany good keywords which are really beneficial and we can expect good traffic as a result.

Start to focus long tail keywords as most of our web traffic comes from it. Keyword research should be done with the smart mind because sometimes choosing good keywords can change your destiny.

Must be noted

Always act in the opposite direction of keyword stuffing means use the keyword in the only natural way.


In the whole essence, I told you about some of the most important and fundamental issues which most of us have forgotten or do not care about. You should try to avoid such foolish SEO mistakes because Google is very smart and it has the ability to count every step of ours.

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