Welcome to the Secondary Income Blog!

Welcome to the Secondary Income Blog!-adshowbd-adshow-seo-db

There isn’t a better time than today to start thinking about how you can supplement Your Secondary Income . The economy is in the tank , unemployment rising to record levels and people are losing their houses left and right. But unlike the “old days” of 20 years ago when you would need to be looking into finding a second or even a third job, today we have the golden opportunity of the Internet and in particular, Blogs.
This website will be all about how to make a secondary income from a blog or a network of blogs. The beauty of building a second income stream through the web is that you can do the work whenever you want – only available on the weekends? No problem! Write all of your posts on Saturday and Sunday and schedule them to be posted throughout the week. Don’t know how to do that? Well, that’s the sort of thing I will be writing about here.
Now, let’s be realistic here. If you have lost your job or are behind on the bills, then you absolutely need to be focused on getting a job. Building a secondary income stream through a blog is a long-term process – this isn’t going to happen over night. But with time, depending on how much effort you invest and how much internet traffic you can build, you could generate a substantial enough income to be able to become a pro blogger – someone who earns their entire living off of their blog(s). Or, you may be happy to just earn enough to make a little spending money every month.
Why listen to me? Well, first let me be clear – I am not a pro blogger. I’ve been blogging since 2002 and up until this year I put very little effort into making a serious second income through the internet. Earlier this year I decided to get a little more serious about it and so far I’ve been averaging about $500/month in net profits. I’m looking to do $600 this month (edit – I ended up with over $800 in November and $1,800 in December!). Not enough to live off of, at least for our lifestyle, but a little more than pocket change certainly, and of course this is only my first year of focusing more on making a secondary income so I do expect (and plan on) those numbers to rise.
If you are new to blogging or just new to making money online, I know you will benefit from joining along and learning from my experience. If you are already on your way to being a pro blogger then I hope you will make lots of comments to help all of us out!
Either way, please subscribe to keep up with the posts here, and thank you, I look forward to building this website into a great resource for those of you looking to build a secondary income online.

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