What You Will Need – Podcasting

What You Will Need – Podcasting-engsbook-apps

There is a lot of technology out there in today’s world, especially for people with a lot of talent, like voice talent. A lot of things that make us all free—from the musician to the writer to the guy who just needs to tell the world he’s invented a new kind of widget.

At least, anyone who knows how can.

The thing is, it’s actually a very simple thing to do. If you want to let the world know about this raging voice talent of yours—or even if you have a sales message or anything else you want to say, podcasts are great. Look at all the videos on YouTube. Everyone is getting into the act and you do see a lot of good voice talent out there. Right now, it’s the country’s favorite new toy.

Then you need all the other little things, like a website or a blog so you can use the bandwidth to power the thing. What you are doing, is morphing this computer into a home studio. That means you’re going to have to talk into it, which means springing for a microphone, which is probably going to run you about $10. Not very costly at all for the privilege of sharing with the world that incredible voice talent of yours. And you probably already have a set of headphones lying around somewhere. You’re going to need these to listen to your recording and make sure that voice talent isn’t being covered over by all kinds of white noise.

Once you’ve got the hardware taken care of, you’ll need to spring for a recording program and that is all you need in terms of stuff. There are all kinds of choices when it comes to programs, but you need to make sure you get something that actually works with the computer you will be using. You don’t want anything coming between you and showing the world your incredible voice talent.

And then you’re two-thirds of the way there. The final thing you need is a genius idea with which to demonstrate your wicked genius, your fabulous voice talent. You don’t want it to be just anything. This is your incredible voice talent, remember? You want it to be just right.

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