Women are not telling marketers what they need to hear

Women are not telling marketers what they need to hear-engsbook.blogspot.com

I personally loved the Dove marketing campaign that used everyday women in their ads instead of pencil thin models who were airbrushed. I was surprised to learn, however, that the Dove campaign was not successful in meeting business objectives even though it created a lot of buzz in Means Communication. ” You do not say : ” In his new book Maria Lou Quinlan points out why marketers hear what they want to hear and don’t ask enough intelligent follow-up questions to gain valuable insights into women who are the most influential segment of the planet.

I am not a big believer in focus groups for consumer research. There have way too many times when I have seen focus group feedback manipulated and misunderstood. I also believe that marketers use focus groups to support decisions that have already been made rather than truly gain some insights.

What caught my eye about Ms. Quinlan’s new book was a chapter on the illusion of focus groups. Once I read that I said, “yes, this is what I have been say all the time ! ” When I read that , I realized that unless asking the right question from your audience you’re not going to get the right answers and thus you are going to make a huge mistake when it comes to marketing your product.

I thought the Dove campaign with average women was great but I was really surprised that it didn’t really help the Mark . ” Although the accelerated depreciation of the dove was a tonne of good will and fresh awareness for an old-fashioned brand the Half Truth would make for a short and costly honeymoon”.

The Dove campaign was great at generating buzz but failed to meet financial objectives.

According to the author the business reality of the Dove campaign was:

1. Women want beauty product that makes a difference and Dove marketers should have pushed harder for improved results as well as self-esteem.

2. The ” Everyday ” platform was not selling the highest quality at low prices

3. Women felt linked because ” If they tell me that I look like this ! I am then why are you trying to sell more .

” Why dealer Dove see this? Because they needed to ask the right follow-up questions and took women’s half-truths as the marketing gospel. As marketers, we have to learn how to listen to what’s really being said. For example, someone might say that they are after a lifetime of health when they say in reality “I try and follow a healthy lifestyle but the truth is that every once in a while I have fast food and don’t get enough exercise”.

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